Interview Robert Dilts about « Presence in coaching »

Richard Moss Equilibrio 2015 Nov 11-13
Richard Moss Equilibrio 2015 Nov 11-13

Presence is the difference that makes the difference in all aspects of leadership, coaching, and therapy. When a coach or leader operates from embodied presence, their communications are much more effective.

•   First, they naturally gain the trust of the subconscious mind of their clients/employees and thereby achieve far greater ability to positively influence all subsequent collaboration.

•   Secondly, the information or knowledge that is communicated reaches beyond cognitive understanding and becomes a felt-sense of clarity and purpose in the recipient. Tuesday, October 14, 2014

•   Third, a sense of rapport is formed that becomes the basis for an exchange of ideas that can uninhibitedly flow both ways, i.e., from the leader/coach to the client/employee and also back to the leader. In this way, a circle is created that enhances collective intelligence within the group or organization.

This training is a thorough introduction to the model and process Dr. Richard Moss has developed which he calls The Mandala of Being™. This model teaches how there are only four places the mind can go when leaving the present moment and the limiting psychological and emotional consequences this creates. You will learn how to become the embodiment of the change you wish to help propagate in your life, community, and work.


“Richard Moss’ Mandala of Being™ is a transformational model and a process that covers a fundamental and fertile area necessary for truly mastering one’s “inner game” that is not reached by other methods. It is perhaps the best and purest example of coaching at the level of beliefs and identity that I have experienced. The Mandala helps people to recognize and transcend “stories” and limiting beliefs and taps the transformational power of self-awareness for personal evolution. Richard is a masterful teacher, healer and developer. The Mandala of Being™ is a tool that every coach and therapist should be using as a key part of their practice.”


Robert Dilts

Co-Developer of Neuro-Linguistic Programming

Author of From Coach to Awakener; Visionary Leadership Skills; Beliefs: Pathwaysy to Health and Well-Being; Tools of the Spirit.